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We need “Chicharito” at Real Madrid -Carlo Ancelotti

chicharitoAlthough he had no other choice than to stay put for the winter market because regulations prevent a player to participate in three different teams in one season, the Real Madrid coach, said that Javier Hernandez was in the white team because we need him there.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez began the season with Manchester United and then was transferred to Madrid on a loan for a year, this situation prevents Javier to change clubs in the January transfer window .

“He stayed here because we have signed him and because we need him. I do not know how many minutes we may need him. He came and spoke with me and he is happy. He has shown a great professionalism”, were the words Ancelotti this Tuesday.

Hernandez ‘s experience at Real Madrid has not been entirely positive, with little opportunity to show himself on the field, and fact that the main starters have not shown any drop in their game. Ancelotti has recently inclined in subbing in Jesse as his first choice on top.

“No doubt if Cristiano , Benzema and Bale are all well, they always play,” said Ancelotti.

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