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One on One



One on One Plus Taking a Shot.

This Drill is for older players. This Drill will put them in a real scenario that will help them when they’re out on the soccer field.

First, set up a 15×15 (yard) grid 15 to 20 feet away from the goal. Put the goalie in the goal box, and put a defender in the grid area.

Second, have the players run up to the defender, dribbling the ball for the 30 yards between them and the goal, going in between the grid. If the attacker gets through the grid while dribbling, they get to make a shot. If the defender gets it, the attacker becomes defender.

Whichever of these happens, the next player gets to go and do the same thing. Every player should have a ball to make this go as quickly as possible. You can vary this as well, by changing the size of the grid or changing the angle that the attacker comes in.

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