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The Best Deals Online

Save Huge on Electronics

How do you get the best deals this black Friday?


Snagging up a great doorbuster deal on Black Friday is a little bit like winning the lottery!

But unlike the random drawing of the lottery, picking Black Friday deals requires a lot of planning. Here are some tips and tricks that could increase your odds of getting the best deals while shopping online on the day after Thanksgiving.

Know when and where you need to shop

Your items and inventory can sell out online just like at a physical location, especially if the rise in online shopping continues. In 2015, online sales rose 16% on Thanksgiving Day compared to the same day in 2014 and increased 7% year-over-year on Black Friday.

In order to get the best deals, prepare early, last year Kohls offered its doorbusters exclusively in stores, although best buy made almost all deals available online and in stores.

Sometimes the ads also will tell you what time the sales begin online. This year, Dell will debut its online sale on Nov. 23, while Office Depot kicks things off at 12:01 a.m. Nov. 24 (Thanksgiving Day).

Make an online account beforehand

Once you pick your desired stores and online sites, create an online profile ahead of time. Most retailers let you save information such as your shipping and billing address on their websites. This will expedite the purchase process and may help you get best doorbusters online before they run out.

Log on early

When looking for the best online deals punctuality is key. Make sure your computer or phone is ready for action a few minutes before the sale begins. Sign into your profile, scope out the products you want by size, color and other options, and then bookmark those webpages so that you can find them easily when the big event launches.

Seek stackable discounts

This Black Friday prices typically are low, so retailers may not offer additional discounts. But there may be coupon codes or free shipping offers that can be applied to your order. Look for these on a retailer’s website or its Black Friday ad, or on coupon aggregator sites. And, as always, compare prices between retailers to see which one has the best deal.




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