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Change directions agility drill


For this drill you will need to set up two cones about 10 yards apart.

Begin by facing forward in a staggered stance. On “go,” sprint to the opposite cone. At the cone, regain control, stop as quickly as possible and backpedal all the way to the start.
At the start, turn your hips, plant your outside foot and begin side shuffling back to the far cone. When you reach the cone, plant your outside foot again and shuffle back to the starting cone again.

Repeat the same sequence using the “carioca” footwork (side step, crossover step, side step, crossover behind). After going back to the cone on the last carioca step, plant and sprint past the last cone.
The whole drill (seven changes) should be completed in 20 seconds or less depending on the age of the athlete. Rest 30-45 seconds and repeat.
The objective is to see how quickly you can change directions, as well as body movements in the whole sequence.

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