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Adidas 2015 F50 AdiZero Review

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Adidas has just released the F50 adiZero 2015 Edition.

AdiZero F50

By Adidas


The HybridTouch material itself is truly vague to what we got from the 2014 model, less the Speed Foil clearly. It’s thin, and shockingly trademark in regards to versatility, making for an amenable fit from right out of the case.

The F50’s soleplate and studs has been completely overhauled, the upper and general fit hasn’t changed all that much regarding fit and feel. The upper is delivered utilizing a singular bit of HybridTouch built, with the groups running down the focal point. There have been a couple of notable changes made to the delineations and texturing on the surface of the upper, yet none of these movements influence the fit or comfort of the boot.

The degree that other comfort parts of the boot are concerned, Adidas now simply consolidates one plan of insoles with the F50, rather than two sets that we’ve begun to suspect. The insoles they consolidate are the new type of what were the “comfort” insoles, regardless some more average. The insole is totally removable clearly, offers a built suede lining, and is created utilizing a to some degree thicker denser foam than what we’ve seen on past models, which feels unfathomable and gives alright wander in comfort.

Like past made F50 models, the 2015 discharge is still a more cozy fitting shoe, giving a facilitated, unshod sensation on feet. Thus, the 2015 model probably fit a touch more broad all through the foot in connection to the last few assortments. By no means, is this a wide shoe, yet it emphatically isn’t a limited one either. They’ll fit the dominant part suitably, and if you fit into past F50s, you won’t have any issues with these either. Taking after a few hours of wear, you’ll find the upper will broaden a bit in width, yet practically nothing.

Inside the upper is lined in dainty, built suede, much the same as the 2014 model, which incorporates irrelevant extra mass and basically feels magnificent generally speaking. The heel is lined in a smooth built material that has a sparkly finish to it, which feels to a degree smooth from right out of the compartment. I found that for the initial thirty minutes or some place in the region of wear, I had some minor issues with heel slippage, yet once the shoe warmed up and became gentler, the heel slippage went away completely.

The new soleplate in like manner influences the general feel of the F50 on your feet in examination to past models. The hard plastic SprintFrame has been supplanted by a more standard, to some degree thicker, more versatile plastic material that I for one slope toward. While it isn’t as light, more on that later, I do feel that it makes for a more hearty, and more regular feel generally speaking. This is each of the a matter of slant clearly, so while I incline toward the vibe of the 2015 soleplate in relationship to past models, it isn’t basically a change.

The degree that evaluating sets out for some, nothing has changed. Much the same as the last couple of F50 models, the 2015 interpretation furthermore runs substantial to size. I wore my basic size 9US for review, and the fit in the length was extraordinary. On the off chance that you’re looking to demand a couple for yourself, I would unequivocally recommend going to legitimate to size.


Shooting the ball in the 2015 F50 isn’t anything you wouldn’t envision. The ultra-slight upper offers no extra padding, allowing you to feel the majority of the ball when striking through it. The feeble upper gives this impression of precision when striking the ball, in that there is no loss of feel whatsoever, again playing into the unshod playing foundation that this shoe is about. The DribbleTex texturing offers slight measures of extra hold depending upon how you strike the ball, yet by and large doesn’t have a ton of an impact on the general feel.


By a wide edge the most shocking change that Adidas has made with the 2015 F50 adizero is concerning the largeness of the shoe. The basic inspiration driving why the F50 adizero impelled with such a sprinkle in 2010 was a direct result of the insane 5.6oz weight of the boot, with every model after it measuring some place around 5.6 and 5.8oz. For 2015, Adidas has dumped the SprintFrame, which considering the vicinity of the boot doesn’t show up like a noteworthy difficulty as in any case they look smooth and lightweight, yet when you put them on a scale and even handle them, you may be flabbergasted. In a size 9US, the 2015 F50 adizero tips the scales at 7.1oz, which is still light and similar to contenders like the Nike Fluctuating Superfly 4, however in examination to past F50 is more than a full ounce more!

In the awesome arrangement of things, a single ounce is not a significant measure of weight, on the other hand its sufficient weight to genuinely degrade the weightless vibe that the F50 adizero line has always given. The 2015 model just doesn’t feel as light on your feet, and that is because of it isn’t. It’s still a lightweight shoe, don’t misjudge me, yet on the off chance that you’re starting from a more settled model, you’ll without a doubt perceive a refinement.

While they aren’t as lightweight as past models, I will say that I really like how these vibe. They have a significantly more solid, capable sensation on feet in connection to past F50 adizeros, which a few people, in the same path as myself, truly support. What I’m getting at is that the boot isn’t heavier without offering a more solid feel, which is extraordinary.

In case having one of the lightest shoes possible on your feet is a need, than you’re in a perfect circumstance with the 2014 F50 or even the Nike Irregular Vapor 10. The 2015 F50 adizero is not going to give the weightless vibe that you may foresee from an adizero shoe, yet’s notwithstanding all that it light, and that is sufficient for me really.


The 2014 F50 adizero saw the first significant update of stud sample, and the execution was amazing. Following one year, Adidas has completely changed it afresh, picking something altogether more compelling, both ostensibly and in regards to genuine execution.

As showed by Adidas, the new stud case has been composed by sprinter’s spike, with the goal being to give however much balance as could sensibly be normal when reviving. Apparently, the stud illustration is a significant sum not the same as basically everything else at this moment accessible.

In the forefoot, despite how it may look, the inside of the stud case is similar to what we saw on the F50 adizero CrazyLight, with 6 of the same smaller size, triangular bladed studs. Around the major studs, you’ll find a gigantic measure of sharp, thin, tooth like studs experiencing the focal point of the forefoot, along the front edge at the toe and amidst the ordinary studs at the edges.

Right when on your toes, the stud illustration feels close to the ground and enduring, due to the studs not being particularly long, however following of the arrangement and the snare like setup of the sample, it grabs the playing surface and genuinely gives tremendous measures of gnaw when pushing off. The mix of totally handle and trustworthiness really is the thing that divides this stud plan for me.

The degree that how the three studs under the heel feels, no protestations. It needn’t bother with soundness, and truly isn’t all that perceptible when wearing the shoes. I furthermore found that the new soleplate is more versatile and basically feels more trademark underneath in examination to the additionally unyielding feel of past SprintFrame soleplates.

In case there’s one piece of the F50 adizero that I have never been fixated on, its the balance. The 2014 upgrade unquestionably introduced to us a tolerable stud outline, however for 2015, I have to say that Adidas has really done something marvelous. You gets immense measures of handle, it keeps you low to the ground, its enduring and the more versatile soleplate ensures that you have however much hold under your feet as could be normal at all times, paying little heed to which way that you bend or turn. On the off chance that you were a fan of past F50 stud outlines, I can’t say that this new one will feel characteristic, yet in case balance is the last goal, this is the best structure that Adidas has ever put out.


Besidea looking essentially changed, the upper itself isn’t generally inconceivably distinctive when stood out from the Messi assortments of the 2014 F50 adizero or even the Messi 10.1. The upper is delivered utilizing the same thickness and nature of HybridTouch designed found on the 2014 model, offering a really premium unshod feel for the ball, with an amazingly slight measure of padding to it. It appeases up genuinely enjoyably taking after several hours of wear, moves agreeably with the touch of your foot, offering an incredibly trademark unshod experience.

The tremendous change with the 2015 model comes as the texturing at first look on the upper, which gives the boot its extraordinary snakeskin look. The texturing is only old news new really, it is still the same DribbleTex piece that was found in diverse various structures on the 2014 F50, however completed in an essentially more basic domain on the 2015 model. When you run your finger along the surface of the upper, you can especially feel the DribbleTex covering, which is there to give included handle the ball. The extra handle is really detectable at in any case, yet no spot close what you may get from something like the Adidas Predator Impulse, yet taking after a few hours, as you start to get used to how the shoes feel, it isn’t as perceivable. While it may have all the earmarks of being something that will have a noteworthy impact on the vibe, genuinely, the impact is little.


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